Springvale United Methodist Church

265 Circle Drive Red Lion, PA 17356    (717) 244-9540



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265  Circle Drive Red Lion, PA 17356

Phone: (717) 244-9540

Email: bethstp250@comcast.net

Pastor Thomas Osenbach

A graduate of Shippensburg University (1980) and Lancaster Theological Seminary (1984), I've pastored Trinity North U. M. C. (1980 - 1983) and the Spring Run U. M. C. (1983 - 1988). I came to the Bethlehem Stonepile - Springvale United Methodist Charge in 1988. It's been a wonderful place to be in ministry. Most days I'm amazed that I get paid for serving God's people (but don't tell the PPRC that!). I'm currently working toward a Doctor of Ministry degree at Lancaster Theological Seminary. My study and thesis deal with the use of film in the service of worship. Another interest is the use of film in teaching Bible studies and confirmation classes.

In addition to being a pastor and student, I'm also a husband and father. Life is good and God is good - all of the time!

Pastoral Assistant- Alissa Stump

Organist - John Burke

Adult Choir Director - Fred Messerley

Pre-School Teacher - Denise Osenbach

Secretary - Alysa Frith

Congregational Lay Speaker - Sharon Wolfe